I was born in Newport, RI in a blizzard on January 24, 1987. Despite being a winter baby, I run hot in energy, passion and enthusiasm. As the youngest of 4, I was scrappy and tough as nails from the get-go. I took to athletics early on as an outlet for my boundless exuberance and haven't stopped moving since. As a national gymnast, I learned very early in life the dedication, commitment and heart necessary to make it happen, particularly in a sport that prides itself on perfection. What set me apart from the rest was my inner fight and astute self-awareness. I would train my mind as hard as my body, and found that visualization, self-belief and determination were as important as the countless hours I spent in the local gym. 'No one will believe you if you don't'. 'Mind over matter'. 'No pain, no gain'. 'If you're going through hell, keep going'. These were my mantras then and continue to be today.

After 10 years as a gymnast, my mind was even stronger than my body. I went on to become an undefeated cross-country runner in high-school, and after studying French and Philosophy in college landed a coveted job in Investment Banking, where I spent 5 years working 110+ hours/week. In a time when work/life balance was seemingly impossible, mental toughness became my best friend while physical fitness continued to be my sanctuary. Throughout my life, I have been the advisor that my family, friends and colleagues turn to for inspiration and coaching.

Now I do what I have already naturally done for everyone around me for the last 30 years. I am coaching ambitious individuals to ignite their inner hero and become relentless in all areas of their lives. Together we can master your mind, transform your body and achieve greatness! Are you ready?